Our Process

At Paradigm our focus is on the customer. From our initial, on-site consultation we take the time to come up with a customized plan that works with your vision and budget. Once our plan is created, our trusted partners begin work on your project with us managing every step of the process. Our project managers are your one point of contact, therefore avoiding undue stress on your time and making sure the job is done right. We work with you on each step to ensure that when your new outdoor living space is completed you'll be delighted with this new extension of your home.

We believe it's not just the quality of products but the process that counts. By having a solid design plan in place, we will meet and exceed your expectations.

Planning & Consultation
At our initial, free on-site consultation we'll review your outdoor space and establish the general direction for the project.
Our design team will work to create a unique space that is specific to your home and vision.
We'll work with trusted partners to bring the design to life and complete the project.

Clipboard Concept

We want to help you create a small space in your yard. If you are looking to update your mailbox area, create an eye-catching front foundation or even put together a perfect island, the Clipboard Concept will help you do just that. For only $149, one of our experienced landscape designers will visit your home and sketch up that special space. You will walk away with a close to scale, pencil sketch of the space as well as a shopping list of plant material and direction on where to install it.