About Paradigm

As founder of Paradigm Landscape and an expert in unique Atlanta outdoor design, Todd Angel believes there is a new way to define the standard of landscaping. Crafting a thriving exterior living space requires a thoughtful design, therefore you need an outdoor engineer to assess your space and create a blueprint for the outside layout strategy. The rooms in your house had an architect, why not your outdoor living area as well?

After an initial consultation, a representative from Paradigm Landscape will establish a plan within your needs and budget. Our trusted team will then be brought onsite to complete your project, while your project manager will oversee your outdoor living space development until completion. This allows you to focus on your busy schedule as we take care of the details.

Paradigm Landscape believes in putting the customer first and understands your home is where time is spent with loved ones and special occasions are celebrated. We want you to have a beautiful exterior leisure area where these memories will last a lifetime.

Todd and his family are longtime residents of Marietta. His wife Kate is a school teacher for Cobb County Schools and they have two incredibly adorable boys. They are active participants in many local sports programs as well, fully involved with Cub Scouts. Personally, Todd's passions include just about anything outdoors including a finish at the 2011 Florida Ironman Triathlon. Currently he and his oldest son participate together in many local triathlons. His son says one day he will do an Ironman!

Zeke has been in the landscape industry for 20 years. In his many years of experience he has mastered all areas of residential landscape.

He knows how to meet the needs of every client with his expertise in managing each account as a bridge between the client and their project.

A native to Central Mexico, Zeke has four daughters and when he isn't working he can be found spending quality time with his family.